CS Exam Preparatory course
GOLS-ICSI Examination Preparatory is designed to help you Familiarize, Assess and Improve through
A mock / preliminary exam enabling candidates to cultivate non-stop writing practice for exams.
To analyze the level and extent of knowledge and level of understanding of the subject.
Error-spotting at an early stage through feedback provided on the answer sheets and a brief write up to be circulated to all candidates about the examiner’s comments on the performance of the candidates’ question-wise.
Type of questions which would be covered is objective and subjective questions. Objective questions would include fill in the blanks, true or false, match the following, answer in one word, answer in one sentence and multiple choice questions. Subjective questions would range from small, medium and essay type questions.
Model answers booklets would help candidates in observing and learning presentation styles as per the standards of the ICSI Examination.
Confidence-building to take exams and familiarization with the exam atmosphere.
What makes GOLS-ICSI Examination Preparatory different?
After the assessment of answer booklets of the candidates there would be LVC (Live Virtual Classroom Sessions) which would be an open platform wherein the students can raise their individual queries to the examiner.
Exam preparatory course general Instructions
ICSI or its examination division has absolutely no role in any way in drafting the questions. These are prepared by GOLS CS experts only. Students subscribing to these services should take this important fact in mind whilst subscribing for these services.